A Door County Breakfast Cabana

Good Eggs Door County

Serving Omelet Wraps Made to Order on the Shores of Ephraim’s Beautiful Eagle Harbor
Enjoy the finest locally sourced eggs, hand-selected from several farms in Door County. Taste and experience the unparalleled freshness that will leave you wanting more.

Start Your Day Right

Energize your mornings with a delicious breakfast. Discover our delicious variety of hearty foods that are expertly created to awaken your palate and provide you energy for the day. Our breakfast buffet offers a great assortment of flavors to please every pallet, ranging from traditional favorites to creative concoctions.

good eggs door county

Incredible Delights

Join us on a culinary adventure with our masterpieces inspired by eggs. Enjoy the varied and rich flavors of eggs that have been skillfully cooked to excite your senses. Each recipe, from fluffy omelettes to creamy quiches, demonstrates the astounding diversity of this common item and promises a memorable culinary experience.